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Date for Jekyll’s "Front Matter"

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I talked with pleary yesterday and he mentioned his blog for which he uses Jekyll and github pages. I liked the idea so now I am playing with one myself. So I follwed instructions, grabbed a template and now I am all set to write my first blog about making my first blog.

I use markdown for many years, but Jekyll is something I did not play with before. Lets see how it goes. I figured out that posts are located in _posts directory – so far so good. I opened an example from template and found this kind of metadata there:

layout: post
tags: jekyll
date: 2015-04-26 09:16
title: Date for jekyll metadata
published: true

Entering date by hand is too much work, so I made a small shell script bdate to help me:


echo `date  +"%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S"`

My editor of choice is Vim, and now I can just use

:r !bdate

Another thing I found to be useful is gqip shorcut that reformats paragraphs for me and wraps them neatly at 80 columns. However when I looked at my first post I found that my text wraps at every new line I inserted! Definitely not what I want. After reading about kramdown options i found how to change this behavior:

markdown: kramdown
  hard_wrap: false
  input: GFM