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Add R Plots to LaTeX Documents

Tagged: latex

Here I am showing how to go from data stored in csv file to a nice plot in a LaTeX document using ggplot2 package from R.

Dell 13" XPS 9343 BIOS A07 Keyboard Fix

Tagged: xps dell

There is new release or BIOS for XPS 13 9343 laptop. Finally no repeating keystrokes apparently! I am so tired of these and so happy to be able to have only typos I get from my own fingers :)

Writing Open Access Papers like a Pro

Tagged: openscience

I decided to try writing papers pretty much the same way I write programs.

Dell 13" XPS 9343 BIOS A04 Keyboard Fix

Tagged: linux osx tmux screen

There is new release or BIOS for XPS 13 9343 laptop. It did not fix repeating keystrokes problem for me, but I did learn a few things in the process of installing the firmware update.


Tagged: design

I am learning MongoDB trying to understand which tool I should pick for making Global Names about 10 times faster than now. I am going to try Elastic Search, MongoDB, and Hadoop and pick one of them.

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