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Dell 13" XPS 9343 BIOS A04 Keyboard Fix

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There is new release or BIOS for XPS 13 9343 laptop. It did not fix repeating keystrokes problem for me, but I did learn a few things in the process of installing the firmware update.

Upgrading to BIOS A04

Download A04

go to download page

then apparently there are 2 ways to proceed

  1. Put file into /boot/efi and reboot
  2. make a USB stick.

Make a USB stick

  • Download FreeDOS USB image. I picked 256M version.

  • Use gparted to create fat32 partition on your usb

  • Use (kinda buggy) Setup Disk Creator to create FAT32 boot from the downloaded ISO file

  • Insert USB stick and reboot machine

  • Press F2 when Dell logo showes up to get to setup mode

  • In Boot options pick legacy and USB stick. Apply, Exit

  • Boot the disk, type to boot freedos, pick 4th option (no drivers), and execute the firmware update command.

  • Follow instructions

Unfortunatelly these steps did not save me from repeated keystrokes as I said.