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Change by Design book by Tim Brown

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I am listening the “Change by Design” book by Tim Brown while driving or biking and trying to grab nuggets of whisdom in this blog. I am writing it day by day, putting down ideas that resonated with me and thoughts that they broght out.

Dell 13" XPS 9343 development edition

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Playing with Tmux

Tagged: linux osx tmux screen

tmux can be a very powerful substitution for gnu screen. It adds some very neat features like splitting windows into panes, and using socket for several developers to pair from their own accounts.

How to make your code citable

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Github is actively supporting science in several ways. Open sourced code is becoming more and more acceptable as a publication, and it is becoming important to have a stable reference to programs you write. Github and Zenodo allow you to make it happen! You can find information how do do it on a Github help page.

Docker on RedHat 6.6 -- switching users problem

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After recent upgrade of RHEL 6.6 we found that some of our Docker containers stopped working. We found that containers lost ability to run commands as any user but root so commands like

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